Where is Julia London?


Super Bowl: Super Bowl Recipes for the Already Drunk(via @Gawker)

The Super Bowl is approaching fast, and knowing you, you’re already drunk and haven’t even begun to think about what you’re going to make for the party.

Just sent an email to @dallascowboys and asked them to return my championship team. STILL SO MAD

The You Guys are the Best Giveaway: Saturday, I whined that I was 10 shy of 11,000 followers on Facebook. My pal… http://t.co/9d2If5s4

Yeeesssss…..Check back on Monday when we will be giving away one of my books to celebrate the 11k mark.

Are you a gift wrapper? Or a stuff-in-the-gift bagger?

RT @PrincessCia_W: just read a novel from my fav Author @JuliaFLondon OMG love her masterpiece #FF

At 2:00 p.m, Connie Brockway is going to be over at Kindle’s Facebook page fielding questions and having fun…. http://t.co/IqEjSQuh

My Favorite Christmas Gift: I received my favorite gift of all time many many MANY years ago. I can’t remember … http://t.co/oEDrVdzx

My good friend, @deedavisbooks, blogged about her path to writing today. She’s got some great old time travels… http://t.co/oBpUoPqz